T-Shirt Printing Deal Finalized!

Aside from the usual, “Will this be on vinyl/cassette?” inquiries, one of the many questions I get asked about Held In Scorn is…”Are you having any other merch aside from the album?”And that answer is now a definite yes!

A quote has been processed and accepted from the affluent Holy Mountain Printing!

Daniel over at HMP does an amazing job and is not only responsible for shirts from the likes of Zao, Pallbearer, Leviathan, and  the legendary Earth Crisis, but HMP also produces those nifty flexi-discs found in subscription only versions of Decibel Magazine.

A design is in the works and we cannot wait to reveal! In the meantime, check out the HMP site for some exclusive merch for some pretty awesome bands.

The mighty Holy Mountain Printing!

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